What is BBSA?
The Berkeley Biosciences Study Abroad offers qualified international students the opportunity to study in the Departments of Integrative Biology and Molecular & Cell Biology at UC Berkeley. Students are nominated by their home institution and invited to participate by the department chair. Participants must have experience with university-level biology and be proficient in English, as all courses will be taught in English. Students take at least 12 units within the departments.

Is BBSA part of the Education Abroad Program?
No, BBSA is not part of the UC exchange program. It is an independent program offered by the Departments of Integrative Biology and Molecular & Cell Biology in conjunction with UC Berkeley Extension.

How do I apply to BBSA?
If your home institution is a University partner with UC Berkeley for this program, contact the program advisor. If you are not sure if your home institution is a University partner, contact for a referral.

What classes can I take on campus?

You can enroll in courses in the Integrative Biology and Molecular and Cell Biology departments.  View schedules for the upcoming semesters at  Please note that course offerings vary each semester, and though we strive to accommodate our visiting students, we may have impacted courses where enrollment is not possible.  

Can I take graduate courses in Integrative Biology or Molecular & Cell Biology?
The BBSA program offers undergraduate coursework, to be taken by undergraduate or graduate students as is deemed appropriate. Highly qualified students who wish to be considered for graduate credit by special exception may request evaluation, and if accepted enrollment is based upon course availability.

Do I need to attend the orientation?
Yes, both the department orientation and the UC Extension orientation are mandatory. They provide you with information on healthcare, registration, and safety issues on campus.

When do I get my schedule of classes?
In the weeks before the semester starts, you will be able to request registration in the classes you are interested in.  Approval for those classes may happen in the weeks before the semester begins, up until the first few weeks of class.  Enrollment is based on open space in class at the time of registration, so it is advised that all students request more classes than they plan to take. 

Can I change my schedule?
The first 4-5 weeks of class is the add/drop period.  You will be able to add and drop classes during that time without penalty.

How do I pay for classes?
Students can pay fees by wire transfer, by credit or debit card online, or in some cases in cash in person. You can find all your options for payment here.