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Marine Mammals: IB 41 - 2 units Fall

A survey of marine mammal evolution, biology, behavior, ecology and politics with a concentration on those species found in the North Pacific. Coverage includes: origin and evolution of cetaceans, pinnipeds, sirenians, and sea otters; basic biology and anatomy of marine mammals groups, and North Pacific species in particular; ecological interactions and role in nearshore and pelagic marine mammals.

Invertebrate Zoology: IB 103\L - 5 units Spring

An introductory survey of the biology of invertebrates, stressing comparative functional morphology, phylogeny, natural history, and aspects of physiology and development. Laboratory study focuses on invertebrate diversity and functional morphology with field study of the natural history of local marine invertebrates.

Phylogenetics: IB 200a - 4 units Spring (even yrs), IB 200b - 4 units Spring (odd yrs) with B. Mishler

Principals and methodologies of phylogenetic analysis with emphases on both morphology and molecules, and living and fossil organisms. Related topics include phylogenetic approaches to classification, biogeography, speciation, conservation, ecology and behavior. Laboratory provides instruction in data acquisition, computer-assisted phylogenetic reconstruction, and the application of comparative methods to other biological disciplines.

Communicating Science: IB 304 - 2 units Spring

Lectures and class discussions about mechanisms of communicating science to the public. We consider how to convey the issues, process, and findings of scientific research to a variety of audiences using different media (e.g., blogs, web pages, newspaper & magazine articles, radio, and television). Class media projects include experience in the preparation of outreach materials (e.g., blogs, slide shows, press releases, web pages, radio spots, & video).


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