Vorticella Splashing

Miller Institute Research Fellow
Departments of Integrative Biology and
Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of California at Berkeley


I am a Miller Institute postdoctoral fellow at UC Berkeley working with the Koehl lab and the Environmental Fluid Mechanics group.  

I received my Ph.D. in physics from Harvard working in Howard Stone's group in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.  I also completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Colorado at Boulder Department of Physics working in the Physics Education Research Group.  I studied student learning difficulties and helped transform upper-division physics courses. 

In general, I am interested in the intersection between fluid mechanics and biology. I study the flow around microscopic sessile filter feeders, the interaction of marine larvae with turbulence, and liquid on solid splashing.

Email: rachel.pepper<at>berkeley.edu
Mail: University of California Berkeley
1005 Valley Life Sciences Building #3140
Berkeley, CA 94720-3140
Office: Valley Life Science Building, Room 4115 (Map)
202 O'Brien Hall (
Berkeley, CA 94720
Fax: 413-793-0384

Rachel Pepper Boulder Summer School 2007