Vorticella Splashing

Miller Institude Research Fellow
Departments of Integrative Biology and
Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of California at Berkeley



For me, teaching is a way to share and transmit my enthusiasm for physics - and more generally, my enthusiasm for learning. I strive for the moment when a student understands a concept with which he or she has been struggling. Addicted to that moment and the process that precedes it, I have found a way to teach in some formal capacity consistently since my sophomore year of college. While in graduate school I won two award for my teaching: the Harold T. White Prize for Excellence in the Teaching of Physics and a Certificate of Distinction in Teaching.

As a Senior Teaching Fellow at the University of Colorado in Boulder I implemented teaching techniques based on cutting-edge physics education research such as peer instruction and interactive engagment, tutorials instead of recitation sections, and conceptual assessments.

Teaching experience:

University of Colorado, Spring 2010-Fall 2009
Guest Lecturer, Mulitple Courses
Electricity and Magnetism for physics majors (~40 students, 4 classes) as well as a large class for non-science majors on Physics of Everyday Life (200 students, 3 classes).

University of Colorado, Spring 2010-Spring 2009
Science Teaching Fellow, Classical Mechanics/Math Methods
Intermediate undergraduate class for physics majors. Organized and ran weekly homework help sessions. Evaluated, modified, and created course materials.  Received 5.6/6.0 overall from student evaluations.

University of Colorado, Fall 2009
Senior Teaching Fellow, Electricity and Magnetism
Advanced undergraduate class for physics majors. Organized and ran weekly tutorial sessions which facilitate problem solving in small groups. Assisted with twice-weekly homework help sessions. Evaluated and modified course material. Received 5.5/6.0 overall from student evaluations.

Harvard University, Spring and Summer 2008
Supervisor for visiting masters student
Formulated a project, instructed on experimental technique and data analysis, regularly assisted with experimental challenges, and assisted in preparation of final presentation and article for peer-reviewed publication.

Harvard University, Spring 2006
Teaching Fellow, Reality Physics
Distribution requirement for non-majors. Taught weekly recitation section, wrote and graded homework problems, designed labs for use in section, graded exams. Received 4.7/5.0 overall from student evaluations.

Harvard University, Fall 2005-Spring 2007
Tutor, Principles of Physics
Non-calculus introductory class at the Harvard Extension School. Assisted one-on-one 2-4 hours/week. Explained concepts and assisted with solving problems.

Brown University, Fall 2000
Teaching Assistant, Genetics
Advanced undergraduate class. Taught weekly recitation sections, led exam review sessions, and graded exams.

Brown University, Spring 2000
Tutor, Introduction to Relativity and Quantum Physics
Undergraduate class for physics majors. Assisted a small group with concepts and problem solving for 1 hour/week.

For more details of my teaching experience, please read this PDF.