Dr. Craig Moritz Biology 1B Spring 2010 Evolution Schedule

Dr. Craig Moritz
is the instructor for the Evolution section of Biology 1B during the Spring 2010 semester.

Office Hours: 9-10 AM on Monday & Wednesday in 2013 VLSB.

E-mail: craigm@berkeley.edu

Lecture Outlines: Please print out the lecture notes and bring them with you so that you can refer to them during them during the lecture.

Practice Exam Questions:

Dear Bio1B students:

I apologize for the delay in getting these practice questions online for you. I hope they give you some insight into the types of questions that I'll pose for the mid-term. Remember:

The exam covers all 12 lectures on Evolution, and only the material in lectures. Your reading of the text and the associated labs are supposed to facilitate your understanding of the lecture material, but are not examinable in their own right.

You should focus on the concepts, and how the examples given relate to those concepts. Along the same lines, you need to know the sequence of major events/discoveries in the development of Evolutionary Biology as a science, and who some of the key players were in these - but not the minute details.

There are no questions for which you will need a calculator - in fact, no numerical/quantitative questions at all.

Good luck,

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LectureDateLecture TopicReading Assignment *
Campbell 8th Edit.
Lecture Notes
(in PDF format)
Evolution 1Wednesday
Feb. 24
Relevance & historyCh. 22
Slides 1

Notes 1
Evolution 2Friday
Feb. 26
The tree of life: PhylogenyCh. 26
Slides 2

Notes 2
Evolution 3Monday
March 1
Population processes — inheritance, popgen HWECh. 14.1-2, 23.2
Slides 3

Notes 3
Evolution 4Wednesday
March 3
Mutation & selection — theory, expts.Ch. 23.1, 23.3-4
Slides 4

Notes 4
Evolution 5Friday
March 5
Genetic drift & migration — theory, expts.Ch. 23.3
Slides 5

Notes 5
Evolution 6Monday
March 8
Recombination, sexual reproductionCh. 13.4, 46.1
Slides 6

Notes 6
Evolution 7Wednesday
March 10
Sexual selection; coevolutionCh. 23.4
Slides 7

Notes 7
Evolution 8Friday
March 12
Species concepts, — reprod isolationCh. 24.1
Slides 8

Notes 8
Evolution 9Monday
March 15
Speciation processes (cont).Ch. 24.2-3
Slides 9

Notes 9

Adaptive Radiation
Evolution 10Wednesday
March 17
Fossil record — macroevol trends/eventsCh. 25.2-4
Slides 10

Notes 10
Evolution 11Friday
March 19
Fossils, evo-devo & evolution of noveltiesCh. 25.5-6
Slides 11

Notes 11
Spring Break
Evolution 12Monday
March 29
Human evolution & evolutionary medicineCh. 34.8
Slides 12

Notes 12

Evolutionary Medicine
Ecology 1Wednesday
March 31
First Ecology Lecture
Prof. Vincent Resh
April 9
Midterm #2, 6-7 PM
Sample Exam Questions

* Current textbook is Biology, by Campbell and Reece, 8th edition.