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Caldwell Lab Members



Graduate students:

Molly Wright - Stomatopod reproduction and conservation

Joey Pakes - Evolution of tolerance to extreme environments

Jean Alupay - Octopus arm autotomy

Jennifer Hofmeister - Octopus reproductive behavior



Recent Graduate Students and Postdocs:


Stephanie Bush - Deep-sea squid defensive behaviors

Dustin Rubenstein - Sociality in sponge-dwelling snapping shrimp

Becky Williams - Chemical defenses in blue-ringed octopuses

Karen Osborn - Deep-sea invertebrate biology

Emily Griffen - Fiddler crab mating systems

Crissy Huffard - Ecology and behavior of octopuses

Sheila Patek - Biomechanics and evolution of communication structures


Previous Ph.D Students:

Zuleyma Tang Martinez . 1974. Cosponsor with S. Glickman, Department of Psychology. The role of individual odors in the social interactions of the mongolian gerbil (Merones unguiculatus). 1974. (Current position: Professor, Department of Biology, University of Missouri - St. Louis)

Leslie Johnson. The role of agonistic behavior in the foraging strategies of Trigona bees. 1974. (Current position: Research Scientist, Princeton University )

Marjorie Reaka. The ecology and evolution of molting, life history patterns, and agonistic behavior in stomatopod crustaceans. 1975. (Current position: Professor, Department of Zoology, University of Maryland )

Robert Jackson. The evolution of courtship and mating tactics in a jumping spider Phidippus johnsoni (Araneae, Salticidae). 1976. (Current position: Professor, Department of Zoology, Univ. of Canterbury , Christchurch , New Zealand )

Nancy Knowlton. The behavior and ecology of the commensal shrimp Alphaeus armatus, and a model for the relationship between female choice, female synchrony, and male parental care. 1978. (Current position: Professor, Scripps)

Marea Hatziolos. Ecological correlates of aggression and courtship in the stomatopod Pseudosquilla ciliata. 1979. (Current position: Coastal Marine Resources Management Specialist, The World Bank, Washington , D.C. )

Kenneth Evans. Migration and reproduction in northern California field populations of the milkweed bug, Oncopeltus fasciatus. 1982. (High school biology teacher)

Kay Holekamp (Cosponsor with S. Glickman, Department of Psychology). Proximal mechanisms of natal dispersal in Belding's Ground Squirrel Spermophilus beldingi. 1983. (Current position: Associate Professor of Zoology, Michigan State University ).

Richard Steger. The behavioral ecology of a Panamanian population of the stomatopod, Gonodactylus bredini (Manning). 1985. (Current position: Director of Biological Research and co-owner, Pai Moana Trading Corporation (black pearl culture), French Polynesia )

Ilze Berzins. An investigation of the population dynamics, reproductive ecology, and resource utilization patterns of a guild of sand-burrowing amphipods, genus Orchestoidea. 1985. (Current position:Curator of animal health and research at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa of Florida Aquarium)

Stephen Shuster. Reproductive biology of Paracerceis sculpta (Crustacea: Isopoda). 1987. (Current position: Professor, University of Northern Arizona ).

Eldridge Adams. Aggression in a mangrove community of neotropical ants. 1987. (Current position: Associate Professor, University of Connecticut ).

George Roderick. Ecology and evolution of dispersal in California populations of a salt marsh insect, Prokelisia marginata. 1987. (Current position: Associate Professor, University of California , Berkeley ).

Nanette Chadwick. Competitive behavior and spatial distribution in a community of temperate anthozoans. 1988. (Current position: Associate Professor, Bar Ilan University and Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences, Eilat , Israel ).

Charles Fox. Quantitative genetics of host plant specializations in seed beetles, 1993. (Current position: Associate Professor, University of Kentucky ).

Margy Gassell. The behavioral ecology of two sympatric species of snapping shrimps in Hawai'i , Alpheus he'eia and Alpheus lobidens, 1994. (Current position: Hazardous substances scientist, California Environmental Protection Agency).

Leif Saul. The ontogeny of agonistic behavior and ecology of immature jumping spiders (Phiddipus johnsoni), 1994. (Current position: software engineer, CleverMedia)

Mary Cheng. The reproductive biology of two species of pygmy octopuses, Hapalochlaea lunulata and Octopus bocki, 1996. (Current position: Scientific Consultant, Crosby, Heafy, Roach & May).

Mark Erdmann. The ecology, distribution, and bioindicator potential of Indonesian coral reef stomatopod communities, 1997. (Current position: Marine Protected Areas Advisor, Natural Resources Management Program, (NRM-EPIQ), Indonesia ).

Pam Jutte. The ecology, behavior, and visual systems of Pullosquilla litoralis and P. thomassini, two monogamous species of stomatopod crustacean, 1997. (Current position: Assistant Marine Scientist, Marine Resources Research Institute, South Carolina Dept. of Natural Resourses).

Katherine Schafer. The ecology of an assemblage of gonodactylid stomatopods and pygmy octopus in shallow sea grass beds in Belize , Central America , 2001.

Helen Fox. Coral reef ecology and rehabilitation from blast fishing. 2002.

Kirsten Lindstrom. Aspects of the behavior, population genetics, and phylogeny of stomatopod crustaceans, 2003. (Current position: Associate Professor, Santa Rosa Community College).

Christine Huffard. Behavior and ecology of Abdopus aculeatus from Sulawesi, Indonesia, 2005. (Current postition: Postdoctoral Fellow, MBARI).

Karen Osborn. Phylogenetics and ecology of pelagic munnopsid isopods (Crustacea, Asellota), 2007. (Current position: Postdoctoral scholar, Scripps Institute of Oceanography).


Previous Master's Students:

John Matusi. Reproduction in a cichlid fish. 1975.

Louise Kobuke. (Co-sponsor with H. Bern) Thyroxin levels in early developmental stages of Coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch). 1985.

Michael Childress. Ecological and physiological factors influencing foraging by gonodactylid stomatopod Crustacea. 1990.

Peggy Chern. Stomatopod postlarval development. 1999.

James Jackson. Pygmy octopus behavior. 2001.

Liz McKinzie. Spatial learning in stomatopods. 2005.

Callie Martinez. Crustacean behavior. 2006.






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