Lab Schedule Spring 2023

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Laboratory Exercise

Jan 16No Lab this week
Evolution 1Jan 23The Four Forces of Evolution
Evolution 2Jan 30Microevolution of Rock Pocket Mice
Evolution 3Feb 6Phylogenetics of Primates
Evolution 4Feb 13Macroevolution of the Horse
Feb 20No Lab this week
Ecology 1Feb 27Bioindicators Part I
Ecology 2Mar 6Bioindicators Part II
Ecology 3Mar 13Ecosystems of California
Ecology 4Mar 20Species Interactions
Mar 27-31Spring Recess
Org Bio 1Apr 3Terrestrialization
Org Bio 2Apr 10Reproduction in Ferns & Gymnosperms
Org Bio 3Apr 17Reproduction in Flowering Plants
Org Bio 4Apr 24Growth & Morphology of Flowering Plants
May 1Reading / Review / Recitation Week