Dr. Benjamin Blackman Biology 1B Spring 2023 Organismal Biology Schedule

Dr. Benjamin Blackman
is the instructor for the Organismal Biology section

Office Hours: To be announced

E-mail: bkblackman@berkeley.edu

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LectureDateLecture TopicReading Assignment
11th/12th Editions
Org Bio 1W / Mar 22Intro; Prokaryotes: The Microbial WorldCh. 27 Intro, 27.3-27.6 (Revisit 25.3, 26.6 "From Two Kingdoms to Three Domains")
Org Bio 2F / Mar 24Prokaryotes: Microbial Communities; Fungi: Ways of Life31.1-31.2, 31.5 "Practical Uses of Fungi"
Mar 27-31Spring Recess
Org Bio 3M / Apr 3Fungi: Life Cycle; Algae31.4, 31.5 "Fungi as Parasites"
Ch. 28 Intro, 28.1, 28.3 through "Dinoflagellates", 28.4, 28.6
Org Bio 4W / Apr 5Algal Diversity and Innovations;
Terrestrialization: Adapting to Life on Land
31.5 "Lichens"
Org Bio 5F / Apr 7Terrestrialization: Seed-Free Plants29.3
Org Bio 6M / Apr 10Gymnosperms: Diversity and Life CycleCh. 30 Intro, 30.1-30.2
Org Bio 7W / Apr 12Angiosperms: Flowers to Fruits30.3, Ch. 38 Intro, 38.1, 38.2 through "Mechanisms that Prevent Self-Fertilization"
Org Bio 8F / Apr 14Seed Dispersal; Plant Organization - Cells and TissuesCh. 35 Intro, 35.1-35.2
Org Bio 9M / Apr 17Plant Growth - Roots35.3 "Primary Growth of Roots", 36.2 through The Apoplast and Symplast", 36.3 through "Transport of Water and Minerals into the Xylem", 37.2 through "Essential Elements"
Org Bio 10W / Apr 19Plant Growth - Shoots35.3-35.4, 36.1
Org Bio 11F / Apr 21Plant Water Relationsrest of 36.2 and 36.3, 36.4 up to "Mechanisms of Stomatal Opening and Closing", 36.5
Org Bio 12M / Apr 24Developmental Responses to the Environment: TropismsCh. 39 Intro - 39.4
M / Apr 24Midterm #3, 7 PM (65 min)
Org Bio 13W / Apr 26Developmental Responses to the Environment:
Developmental Transitions
Chapter 39 Intro - 39.4
Org Bio 14F / Apr 28Plant Biotic Interactions37.3, 39.5
M / May 8Final Exam, 8 AM