Dr. Ellen Simms Biology 1B Spring 2023
 Evolution Schedule

Dr. Michael Nachman
is the instructor for the Evolution section

Office Hours: MTW, 9-10 AM, 2011 VLSB

E-mail: mnachman@berkeley.edu

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Lecture Topic

Reading Assignment

Campbell, 12th Ed
(chapter numbers are the
same for eds 10 & 11)
Evolution 1W / Jan 18Evolution as a unifying principleCh 1
Evolution 2F / Jan 20Evolution and human healthCh 22
Evolution 3M / Jan 23Darwin and evolutionCh 22
Evolution 4W / Jan 25Evolution of populations:
Genetic variation and Hardy-Weinberg
Ch 23
Evolution 5F / Jan 27Evolution of populations:
Mutation, Drift, Selection, Gene Flow
Ch 23
Evolution 6M / Jan 30Evolution in populations:
Natural selection
Ch 23
Evolution 7W / Feb 1Evolution in populations:
Evidence in the lab and in nature
Ch 23
Evolution 8F / Feb 3PhylogenyCh 26
Evolution 9M / Feb 6PhylogenyCh 26
Evolution 10W / Feb 8Origin of speciesCh 24
Evolution 11F / Feb 10Origin of speciesCh 24
Evolution 12M / Feb 13History of life on earthCh 25
Evolution 13W / Feb 15History of life on earthCh 25
W / Feb 22Midterm #1, 7 PM (65min)