Dr. Lewis Feldman Biology 1B Spring 2017 Organismal Biology Schedule

Dr. Lewis Feldman
is the instructor for the Organismal Biology section of Biology 1B during the Spring 2017 semester. Click on his picture to learn about his research interests.

Office Hours: Mon., Wed., Fri. 9-10 AM, in 5045 VLSB.

E-mail: ljfeldman@berkeley.edu

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LectureDateLecture TopicReading Assignment
Campbell, 10th Edit.
Organisms 1Wednesday
March 22
Introduction / Fungi

Deadly mushrooms put Lodi family in hospital

Death cap mushrooms claim Lodi woman

Pilobolus: Ultra-High-Speed Fungus Spore Discharge

Health benefits of mushrooms
Organisms 2Friday
March 24
Algae, Mosses, Lower Vascular Plants587-629
March 27-31Spring Recess
Organisms 3Monday
April 3
Ferns and Gymnosperms752-765
Organisms 4Wednesday
April 5
Organisms 5Friday
April 7
Organisms 6Monday
April 10
Cells, Tissues752-765
Organisms 7Wednesday
April 12
Roots, Structure and Development786-792, 800-801, 808-811
Organisms 8Friday
April 14
Shoots, Primary Structure752-757
Organisms 9Monday
April 17
Shoots, Secondary Structure760-761, 766-768
Organisms 10Wednesday
April 19
Plant Growth Substances 1840-849
Organisms 11Friday
April 21
Plant Growth Substances 2

Onion Cells Plasmolysis

Phloem Loading
824-826, 840-849
Organisms 12Monday
April 24
Water Relations778-798
Organisms 13Wednesday
April 26
Water Relations778-798, 799-814
Organisms 14Friday
April 28

Cherry harvesting
May 8
Midterm #3 and Final Exam, 8-11 AM