Dr. Michael Nachman's Research Interests Biology 1B Spring 2017
 Evolution Schedule

Dr. Michael Nachman
is the instructor for the Evolution section of Biology 1B during the Spring 2017 semester. Click on his picture to learn about his research interests.

Office Hours: Mon., Tues., Wed. 9-10 AM, in 5045 VLSB.

E-mail: mnachman@berkeley.edu

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Lecture Topic

Reading Assignment

Campbell, 9th/10th Edit.
Evolution 1Wednesday
Jan. 18
Evolution as a unifying principleCh 1
Evolution 2Friday
Jan. 20
Evolution and human healthCh 22
Evolution 3Monday
Jan. 23
Darwin and evolutionCh 22
Evolution 4Wednesday
Jan. 25
Evolution of populations:
Genetic variation and Hardy-Weinberg
Ch 23
Evolution 5Friday
Jan. 27
Evolution of populations:
Mutation, Drift, Selection, Gene Flow
Ch 23
Evolution 6Monday
Jan. 30
Evolution of populations:
Natural Selection
Ch 23
Evolution 7Wednesday
Feb. 1
Evolution of populations:
Evidence in the lab and in nature
Ch 23
Evolution 8Friday
Feb. 3
PhylogenyCh 26
Evolution 9Monday
Feb. 6
PhylogenyCh 26
Evolution 10Wednesday
Feb. 8
Origin of speciesCh 24
Evolution 11Friday
Feb. 10
Origin of speciesCh 24
Evolution 12Monday
Feb. 13
History of life on earthCh 25
Evolution 13Wednesday
Feb. 15
History of life on earthCh 25
Feb. 16
Midterm #1, 7-8 PM
Ecology 1Friday
Feb. 17
First Ecology Lecture
Prof. George Roderick