Lab Schedule Summer Session 2019

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Lab No.


Laboratory Exercise

Organismal Biology 1June 24-25Organismal Diversity
Organismal Biology 2June 26-27Land Plants
Organismal Biology 3July 1-2Reproduction in Flowering Plants
July 3-4No Lab
Organismal Biology 4July 8-9Morphology and Anatomy of Flowering Plants
Organismal Biology 5July 10-11Organismal Biology Lab Practical Exam
Evolution 1July 15-16Natural Selection
Evolution 2July 17-18Microevolution of Rock Pocket Mice
Evolution 3July 22-23Phylogenetics of Primates
Evolution 4July 24-25Macroevolution of the Horse
July 29-30 No Lab
Ecology 1July 31-Aug 1Bioindicators of Strawberry Creek
Ecology 2Aug 5-6Population Biology and Interspecific Competition
Ecology 3Aug 7-8 Predator-Prey Dynamics
Ecology 4Aug 12-13Ecosystems of California at the UC Botanical Garden