Lab Schedule Spring 2018

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Lab No.

Week of

Laboratory Exercise

Jan. 15No Lab this week
Evolution 1Jan. 22Natural Selection of Grasshoppers
Evolution 2Jan. 29Microevolution of Rock Pocket Mice
Evolution 3Feb. 5Phylogenetics of Primates
Evolution 4Feb. 12Macroevolution of the Horse
Feb. 19No Lab this week
Organisms 1Feb. 26Introduction to Green Plants
Organisms 2March 5Reproduction in Seed Plants
Organisms 3March 12Morphology and Anatomy of Flowering Plants
Organisms 4March 19Water Relations
March 26Spring Recess
Ecology 1April 2Bioindicators of Strawberry Creek
Ecology 2April 9Population Biology and Interspecific Competition
Ecology 3April 16Predator-Prey Interactions
Ecology 4April 23Ecosystems of California at the UC Botanical Garden
April 30Reading / Review / Recitation Week