Dr. George Roderick Biology 1B Spring 2018 Ecology Schedule

Dr. George Roderick
is the instructor for the Ecology portion of Biology 1B for Spring 2018 semester. Click on his picture to learn about his research interests.

Office Hours: To be announced.

E-mail: roderick.help@berkeley.edu

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LectureDateLecture TopicReading Assignment
Campbell, 11th Edition
Ecology 1Friday
March 23
Lecture schedule to be announced
March 26-30Spring Recess
Ecology 2Monday
April 2
Ecology 3Wednesday
April 4
Ecology 4Friday
April 6
Ecology 5Monday
April 9
Ecology 6Wednesday
April 11
Ecology 7Friday
April 13
Ecology 8Monday
April 16
Ecology 9Wednesday
April 18
Ecology 10Friday
April 20
Ecology 11Monday
April 23
Ecology 12Wednesday
April 25
April 26
Midterm #3, 7-8:15 PM
Ecology 13Friday
April 27
May 7
Final Exam, 8-11 AM