Dr. Ellen Simms' Research Interests Biology 1B Spring 2019
 Evolution Schedule

Dr. Ellen Simms
is the instructor for the Evolution section of Biology 1B during the Spring 2019 semester. Click on her picture to learn about her research interests.

Office Hours: MW 9-10, Th 11-noon, 3019 VLSB.

E-mail: esimms@berkeley.edu

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Lecture Topic

Reading Assignment

Campbell, 11th Edition
Evolution 1W / Jan 23Why care about evolution?Chs. 1, 22
Evolution 2F / Jan 25Evolution as a process
Evolution 3M / Jan 28Evolution of a theory
Evolution 4W / Jan 30Arguments in On the Origin of Species
Evolution 5F / Feb 1Variation and inheritanceCh. 14
Evolution 6M / Feb 4Evolution in populationsCh. 23
Evolution 7W / Feb 6Other evolutionary processesCh. 23
Evolution 8F / Feb 8Natural selectionCh. 23
Evolution 9M / Feb 11Continuously varying traitsCh. 14
Evolution 10W / Feb 13Species & Speciation ICh. 23
Evolution 11F / Feb 15Species & Speciation IICh. 24
M / Feb 18Academic and Administrative Holiday
Evolution 12W / Feb 20PhylogeneticsCh. 26
Evolution 13F / Feb 22MacroevolutionCh. 26
W / Feb 27Midterm #1, 7-8:15 PM