Dr. Lewis Feldman Biology 1B Spring 2019 Organismal Biology Schedule

Dr. Lewis Feldman
is the instructor for the Organismal Biology section of Biology 1B during the Spring 2019 semester. Click on his picture to learn about his research interests.

Office Hours: MTW 9-10, 3019 VLSB.

E-mail: ljfeldman@berkeley.edu

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LectureDateLecture TopicReading Assignment
Campbell, 11th Edition
Organisms 1M / Feb 25Introduction / Fungi

Deadly mushrooms put Lodi family in hospital

Death cap mushrooms claim Lodi woman

Pilobolus: Ultra-High-Speed Fungus Spore Discharge

Health benefits of mushrooms
Ch 31: Fungi
Organisms 2W / Feb 27Algae, Mosses, Lower Vascular PlantsCh 28: Protists
Ch 29: Plant Diversity 1: How Plants Colonized Land
Organisms 3F / Mar 1Ferns and GymnospermsConcepts 35.1-35.3
Organisms 4M / Mar 4AngiospermsConcepts 35.1-35.3
Organisms 5W / Mar 6AngiospermsConcepts 35.1-35.3
Organisms 6F / Mar 8Cells, TissuesConcepts 35.1-35.3
Organisms 7M / Mar 11Roots, Structure and DevelopmentConcepts 36.3, 37.1, 37.3
Organisms 8W / Mar 13Shoots, Primary StructureConcept 35.1
Organisms 9F / Mar 15Shoots, Secondary StructureConcepts 35.2 & 35.4
Organisms 10M / Mar 18Water Relations 1

Onion Cells Plasmolysis
Ch 36: Resource Acquisition and Transport in Vascular Plants
Organisms 11W / Mar 20Water Relations 2

Onion Cells Plasmolysis

Phloem Loading

Cherry harvesting
Ch 36: Resource Acquisition and Transport in Vascular Plants
Ch 37: Soil and Plant Nutrition
Organisms 12F / Mar 22Plant Growth Substances 1Concept 39.2
Mar 25-29Spring Recess
Organisms 13M / Apr 1Plant Growth Substances 2Concepts 38.1: Seed Germination and Seedling Development up to, not including, 38.2
Concept 39.2
Organisms 14W / Apr 3FloweringConcept 39.3
"Biological Clocks and Circadian Rhythms" through "Photoperiodism and Responses to Seasons"
M / Apr 8Midterm #2, 7-8:15 PM