Dr. Alan Shabel Biology 1B Fall 2017 Evolution Schedule

Dr. Alan Shabel
is the instructor for the Evolution section of Biology 1B during the Fall 2017 semester.

Office Hours: MW 9-10 AM, Tues. 1-2 PM, 3019 VLSB

E-mail: shabel@berkeley.edu

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LectureDateLecture TopicReading Assignment
Campbell, 10th, 11th editions
Evolution 1Wednesday
Aug. 23
Evolutionary History1.2-1.3
Evolution 2Friday
Aug. 25
Explanatory Power of Evolutionary Theory22.1-22.3
Evolution 3Monday
Aug. 28
Molecular Basis of Evolution23.1-23.2
Evolution 4Wednesday
Aug. 30
Natural Selection23.3-23.4
Evolution 5Friday
Sept. 1
Sept. 4
Labor Day Holiday
Evolution 6Wednesday
Sept. 6
Phylogenetic Systematics26.1-26.4
Evolution 7Friday
Sept. 8
Cladistic Applications26.6
Evolution 8Monday
Sept. 11
Fossil Record25.1-25.3
Evolution 9Wednesday
Sept. 13
Evolution & Ecology25.4
Evolution 10Friday
Sept. 15
Evolution 11Monday
Sept. 18
Vertebrate Evolution34.2, 34.4, 34.6
Evolution 12Wednesday
Sept. 20
Rise of the Hominins34.7
Evolution 13Friday
Sept. 22
The Anthropocene
Sept. 28
Midterm #1, 7-8:15 PM