Dr. David Ackerly Biology 1B Fall 2017 Ecology Schedule

Dr. David Ackerly
is the instructor for the Ecology section of Biology 1B during the Fall 2017 semester.

Office Hours: To be announced

E-mail: dackerly@berkeley.edu

In the Ecology section of this course, we will explore spatial and temporal variation in Earth's environments, how plants, animals and microbes respond to and affect this variation, and how webs of the direct and indirect interactions linking biota and physico-chemical factors manifest as "ecosystems". We will study species interactions, including competition, predation, parasitism, mutualism, and indirect interactions mediated through webs. We will look at how the study of ecology can inform us about environmental consequences of land and water use, climate change, population growth, and other important topics we hear about in the news every day.

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Lecture Topic

Reading Assignment

Campbell, 11th Edition
Ecology 1Monday
Sept. 25
Climate and biomes52.1-3
Ecology 2Wednesday
Sept. 27
Environment and species distributions52.4
Ecology 3Friday
Sept. 29
Population growth53.1-2
Ecology 4Monday
Oct. 2
Logistic growth and life history53.3-6
Ecology 5Wednesday
Oct. 4
Competition and communities54.1
Ecology 6Friday
Oct. 6
Predator-prey, food webs54.2
Ecology 7Monday
Oct. 9
Mutualism and disease54.5
Ecology 8Wednesday
Oct. 11
Disturbance and succession54.3
Ecology 9Friday
Oct. 13
Diversity in space and time54.4
Ecology 10Monday
Oct. 16
Energy and primary productivity55.1-3
Ecology 11Wednesday
Oct. 18
Nutrient and water cycles55.4
Ecology 12Friday
Oct. 20
Conservation biology56.1-3
Ecology 13Monday
Oct. 23
Global change56.4-5
Oct. 26
Midterm #2, 7-8:15 PM