Weiwei graduated from Slatkin lab and moved back to work @ Beijing Institute of Genomics with Professor Chung-I Wu in China. He can be reached through email: weiwei.zhai_AT_gmail.com. This webpage is going to expire soon...

Weiwei Zhai

3060 Valley Life Science Building
Department of Integrative Biology
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA,94720
Email: weiweizhai at berkeley.edu


The merit of science is letting smart people do easy jobs because they are so smart to identify the problem ahead of others. People like me, presumably less smart, have to deal with harder questions.

---by me


2004.8-2008.12 Ph.D. Department of Integrative Biology Univ of California Berkeley
2002.8-2004.8 M.S. Department of Biometrics Cornell University
1997.8-2002.6 B.S. School of Life Sciences University of Science and Technology of China(USTC)


Research Interests:

1) Theoretical Population Genetics/Human Genetics

I am interested in Theoretical Population Genetics , studing gene frequencies along the generations, especially with application to association mapping in the context of coalescence theory. I am also interested in topics like Population Subdivision, estimating recombination rate, using site freq spectra to detect natural selection with diffusion approximation... ... I am also interested in studying human evolutionary history and within population diversity.

2) Phylogenetics/Molecular Evolution

I am interested in Stochastic models in Maximum Likelihood based methods in detecting adapations in various of organisms, especially in application to viral evolution.

3) Association Mapping

I am interested in developping methods for whole genome linkeage disequlibrium mapping. I am also interested in Pharmacogenomics in the context of population differentiation.


Teaching Experiences:

Fall 2002(TA)
BTRY 601:Statistical Methods I
Department of Biometrics, Cornell University
Spring 2003(TA)
BTRY 602: Statistical Methods II
Department of Biometrics, Cornell University
Spring 2004 (TA)
BTRY 602: Statistical Methods II
Department of Biometrics, Cornell University
Fall 2006 (GSI)
IB c163: Survey of Genetics
Department of Integrative Biology(joint with MCB), UC Berkeley



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