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Fall semester odd years the Looy lab is offering "The Living Planet - Impact of the biosphere on the Earth System"

Course nr: 159; Instructors: Cindy Looy and Ivo Duijnstee.

Course description: Earth is a complex dynamic system. Interplay between its components (solid earth, oceans/ice and
atmospehere) governs conditions on the planet’s outside that we inhabit. In turn, life asserts a vast influence on the abiotic components; in fact the biosphere itself is an important system component. We will explore the effect that 3.5 billion yrs of evolving biosphere had on System Earth and vice versa (e.g. in terms of climate), including the recent human impact on the system.

Fall semester even years the Looy Lab is offering: "Paleobotany - The 500-million year history of a greening planet".

Course nr: 181; Instructor: Cindy Looy

Course description: This course is an introduction to the evolution of plants and their ecosystems through time. We will start off with the earliest plant life, the transition to land, and the emergence of terrestrial ecosystems. We will follow the evolution of major plant groups during important moments in time through the Phanerozoic (last 650 million years). We will explore ancient fossilized plant communities, their ecological properties, and we will examine how major environmental upheavals affected their evolution. Throughout the course, we will see what profound impact plants have on the functioning of our planet’s surface and atmosphere.


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