Principal Investigator:
Doris Bachtrog

Dr. Beatriz Vicoso (University of Edinburgh) is investigating evolutionary forces operating in ZW systems, and transitions among sex chromosomes.

Dr. Qi Zhou (Chinese Academy of Science) is working on sex chromosome evolution in Drosophila and birds.

Dr. Chris Ellison (UC Berkeley) is investigating the gain of chromatin entry sites on the neo-X chromosome of D. miranda. He is funded by a NIH fellowship.
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Dr. Karen Wong Miller (UC Berkeley) is a postdoctoral student who is working on the genomics of speciation in D. athabasca.

Dr. Wynn Meyer (University of Chicago) is investigating patterns of divergence across the genomes of species in the D. nasuta complex.
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Dr. Yuka Katsura (Graduate University for Advanced Studies) is studying the molecular evolution of sex chromosomes in mammals. She is funded by a JSPS fellowship from Japan.
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Graduate Students:
Tatiana Gurbich is a graduate student working on gene movements in D. miranda.

Emily Brown is a third year graduate student. She is working on the evolution of chromatin structure and heterochromatin in Drosophila.
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Lauren Gibilisco is a second graduate student interested in the evolution of alternative splicing, and genomic conflict.
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Shivani Mahajan is a first year graduate student working on sex chromosome evolution and speciation.
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Research Assistant:
Zaak Walton
is a research assistant, coming from the University of Chicago.

Dat Mai is a bioinformatician working on young sex chromosomes in Drosophila.
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Undergraduate Students:

Undergraduates who are interested in evolution may do a research project in the laboratory. Students with either some molecular experience or bioinformatics skills are preferred, but keen interest in research is most important.

Former Lab Members:
Dr. Raquel Assis (University of Michigan) was studying the evolution of sex-biased and sex tissue-specific gene expression in Drosophila, and the evolution of new genes. She is now an Assistant Professor at Penn State University.
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Dr. J.J. Emerson (University of Chicago) was investigating patterns of gene movement and sexually antagonistic selection in D. miranda. He is now an Assistant Professor at UC Irvine.

Emily Chan (UC Berkeley) was working with Karen on karyotype evolution in D. athabasca. She is now a lab tech at UC Davis.
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Samantha Fernandez was working with Chris on characterizing dosage compensation binding sites in Drosophila miranda. She is now a lab tech at UCSF.
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Dr. Vera Kaiser (University of Edinburgh) is working on determinants driving Y chromosome degeneration in D. miranda, and factors influencing sex-biased expression patterns. She is now a bioinformatician at the University of Edinburgh.

Dr. Andrey Gorchakov
was helping out with many different projects.
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Dr. Jeff Jensen (Cornell University) was doing work on the population genetics of Drosophila miranda and D. pseudoobscura. He is now faculty at the EPFL in Lausanne.

Dr. Fyodor Kondrashov (UC San Diego) was doing graduate research on various aspects of bioinformatics and genome evolution. He is now a group leader at the Centre de Regulació Genòmica in Barcelona

Robert Barret (UCSD)is analyzing emu transcriptomes with Vera and Beatriz.
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Dr. Steve Lockton (UC Irvine) was studying the evolution of dosage compensation in D. miranda. He is now a Scientist at Sequenom.

Yulia Zektser
(UC Berkeley) was working with Beatriz on dosage compensation in snakes, and now goes to med school.
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Dr. Zhi Zhang (University of Munich) was doing postdoctoral research on the evolution of dosage compensation

Nick Toda was a research assistant for 2 years, and is now a graduate student at the University of Edinburgh.

Michael Breen was a lab assistant for 1 year at UCSD. He went to Barcelona, to learn bioinformatics

Mayuri Naidu was a lab assistant for 1 year at UCSD.

Rachel Louie was a master's student contrasting rates of adaptation in immunity genes versus random genes in Drosophila, and comparing rates of adaptive evolution in high versus low recombining regions. Rachel went on to Medical School.
Emily Hom was a lab assistant for 2 years, and instrumental in setting up our lab. Emily went on to Medical School.

Crystal Diep (UC Berkeley) was preparing fly food for the lab.
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Linda Boettger was doing a undergraduate project trying to estimate mutation rates and selection coefficients in mtDNA.

Sean Schneider was doing a rotation project studying polymorphism of a neo-X linked region in D. miranda.

Will Parson was doing an undergraduate project studying the evolution of dosage compensation in D. miranda.