Dr. Charles Marshall Biology 1B Fall 2023 Evolution Schedule

Dr. Charles Marshall
is the instructor for the Evolution section

Office Hours: To be announced

E-mail: crmarshall@berkeley.edu

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LectureDay / DateLecture TopicReading Assignment
Campbell Biology,
eds. 10-12
Evolution 1W / Aug 23Introduction; the logic of evolution by natural selectionCh 1
Evolution 2F / Aug 25Unpacking how evolution works - what can and can't it do?Ch 22
Evolution 3M / Aug 28The allelic view of evolutionCh 23
Evolution 4W / Aug 30The (sometimes fuzzy) ways of defining species Ch 24
Evolution 5F / Sept 1How are species maintained, how do they form?Ch 24
M / Sept 4Labor Day Holiday
Evolution 6W / Sept 6Determining who is related to whom
(and the naming of taxa)
Ch 26
Evolution 7F / Sept 8Cladograms: the evolution of phenotypic traits,
convergence, mimicry, human migration
Ch 26
Evolution 8M / Sept 11Cladograms: diseases, medical forensics, the nature of
the eukaryotic cell, molecular clocks
Ch 26
Evolution 9W / Sept 13Macroevolution: major innovations, punctuated
equilibrium, the Red Queen
25.4, 34.4
Evolution 10F / Sept 15Is macroevolution more than repeated rounds
of microevolution?
Evolution 11M / Sept 18A brief history of life (on Earth)25.1 - 25.3
Evolution 12W / Sept 20The Cambrian explosion: unpacking the
generative power of evolution
32.2 - 32.4
Evolution 13F / Sept 22The emergence of our own species34.7
T / Sept 26Midterm #1, 7 PM