The course
Students will spend approximately 9 weeks at the Richard B. Gump South Pacific Research Station on Moorea in French Polynesia and 6 weeks (3 at the beginning and 3 at the end of the semester) at UC Berkeley. Enrollment is limited by the Gump facilities to 22 students.

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Faculty and GSIs, Fall semester 2014 (updating ... stay tuned)

Brent Mishler (, lead instructor for 2012

Systematics and evolutionary biology, bryology

Stephanie Carlson (

Aquatic biology, fish ecology and evolution

Vince Resh (

Aquatic biology, water quality, invertebrates

George Roderick (

Invasion biology, arthropod biodiversity

Jonathan Stillman (

Environmental physiology, marine invertebrates

Jean Alupay (, GSI, 2013

Marine invertebrate ecology and behavior, cephalopods

Chris DiVittorio (, GSI, 2013

Plant evolutionary ecology

Julie Hopper (, GSI, 2013

Parasitology, marine biology, biological control, insect ecology

All instructors would be happy to answer your questions.


The application form and instructions can be downloaded here:

<< Moorea_2014_Application.doc >>

This is a Fall Semester course.  Applications due 31 March for Fall 2014.

See additional instructions on application form.

Students must complete the application and, if selected for an interview, attend an interview with course instructors. Admission is by consent of the instructors.

The application comprises 4 parts--we prefer 1 combined PDF file with all 4 parts, if you can:

1.the application (2 pages),

2.a statement of purpose (1 page),

3.a written CV or resume (limit, 3 pages), and

4.a transcript (may be unofficial, such as copied from Bear Facts).

Course costs are outlined on the application form.

Students enroll in either ESPM C107 or IB 158LF, which are the same course. Normally, this course is the only course you can take during this Fall semester as it is taught mostly off-campus at the Gump South Pacific Research Station. You must enroll for the full 13 units and participate in both the lectures and field trips at UC Berkeley and the full field component at the Gump Station on Moorea. We are looking for the best students with relevant and broad academic interests. The course is for students who have taken upper division science courses that will prepare them for this course.

Risk and Responsibility
Participation in a field course carries with it some increased risk of personal injury. All participants will be required by the University of California to sign a document prior to travel that includes a waiver of liability, assumption of risk, and indemnification. The updated Visitors Guide to Moorea including health facilities, emergency contacts, and other services is available on the Gump Station web site, Please read this document before your interview.  A copy is provided here.

Further resources:  class symposium, packing list, etc.

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Moorea 2013 information handout

Packing list (see link above)

Resource literature and summer reading

Moorea 2013 syllabus

Moorea 2013 research symposium

UC Berkeley Student Travel Insurance Coverage

Gump South Pacific Research Station Web Site

Final papers from previous classes

Moorea 2014 class announcement

UCB Moorea class alumni group on Facebook

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