Media coverage of our research

Smelling with hairy noses

Print Articles

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Web Articles

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  • Research featured on Canadian "Discover" (January, 2002)
  • Work featured on "Tech Live" news show (Tech TV). February 18, 2001


  • Interviewed on the "Todd Mundt Show" (National Public Radio). January 18, 2001
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  • "Science Update" (American Association for the Advancement of Science) January 18, 2002
  • BBC Radio 4, "Lobster Surprise". October 18, 2004. Link to RealAudio stream
  • Interviewed on the radio about the physics and biology of rocky coasts, the subject of book, Wave-Swept Shore. (2006-2007)

Evolution of insect flight


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Wave-swept marine organisms


  • An article about Koehl's research on sea anemone in waves appeared in Newton (Japanese magazine about science) (March, 1984)


  • "Quantum" (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, television science series) (1992)
  • Koehl appeared on a NOVA television program, "Living Machines" (PBS) (1980)

Suspension feeding


  • "Active eating in a syrupy sea", appeared in Science News, (Jan. 17, 1981)


  • "Investigating Suspension Feeders", which is part of the series "Biology: Uniformity and Diversity" (British Broadcasting Corporation) (1999)

Women in science


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