Lecture Schedule Summer Session 2019

Dr. Alan Shabel
is the instructor for the Summer Session of Biology 1B.

Office Hours: To be announced.

E-mail: shabel@berkeley.edu

Lecture Outlines and other course related materials will be available on bCourses.

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DateLectureLecture TopicReading Assignment
Campbell (10th/11th editions)
M / Jun 24Org Bio 1Evolution of Ecological Systems1.1-1.4, 10.1
T / Jun 25Org Bio 2Prokaryotes & Origin of Eukaryotes 27.3-27.6, 28.1-28.6
W / Jun 26Org Bio 3Colonization of Land29.1-29.3
Th /Jun 27Org Bio 4Evolution of Seeds30.1-30.2
M / Jul 1Org Bio 5Flowering Plants30.3-30.4, 38.1-38.2
T / Jul 2Org Bio 6Morphology: Roots, Stems, & Leaves35.1-35.5
W / Jul 3Org Bio 7Plant Roots & Resources36.1-36.6, 37.1-37.3
Th / Jul 4No lecture today
M / Jul 8Org Bio 8Biology of Fungi31.1-31.5
T / Jul 9Org Bio 9Organismal Biology Review
W / Jul 10Midterm #1 (held during lecture)
Th / Jul 11Evolution 1Evolutionary Biology22.1-22.3
M / Jul 15Evolution 2Genetics & Natural Selection 23.1-23.4
T / Jul 16Evolution 3Speciation24.1-24.4
W / Jul 17Evolution 4Phylogenetic Systematics26.1-26.6
Th / Jul 18Evolution 5Deep Time & The Fossil Record25.1-25.4
M / Jul 22Evolution 6Macroevolution & Evo-Devo25.5-25.6
T / Jul 23Evolution 7Evolution of the Vertebrates34.2, 34.6
W / Jul 24Evolution 8Rise of the Hominins34.7
Th / Jul 25Evolution 9Evolution Conclusion & Review
M / Jul 29Midterm #2 (held during lecture)
T / Jul 30Ecology 1The Biosphere52.1-52.3
W / Jul 31Ecology 2Ecology at the Species Level52.4-53.1
Th / Aug 1Ecology 3Population Dynamics53.2-53.5
M / Aug 5Ecology 4Interspecific Interactions54.1
T / Aug 6Ecology 5Community Ecology54.2-54.5
W / Aug 7Ecology 6Ecosystem Ecology55.1-55.4
Th / Aug 8Ecology 7Human Ecology53.6
M / Aug 12Ecology 8Coexistence on Planet Earth55.5
T / Aug 13Ecology 9Ecology Conclusion & Review
W / Aug 14Midterm #3 (held during lecture)