Dr. Alan Shabel Biology 1B Fall 2018 Ecology Schedule

Dr. Alan Shabel
is the instructor for the Ecology section

Office Hours: Tues 2-3, Fri 9-10, 3019 VLSB, and by appt.

E-mail: shabel@berkeley.edu

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Day / Date

Lecture Topic

Reading Assignment

Campbell, 11th Edition
Ecology 1M / Sept 24Evolution of Ecological Systems25.1-25.3, 52.5
Ecology 2W / Sept 26Biosphere52.1
Ecology 3F / Sept 28Biomes and Habitats52.2-52.3
Ecology 4M / Oct 1Species Ecology52.4, 53.1
Ecology 5W / Oct 3Population Dynamics53.2-53.3, 53.5
Ecology 6F / Oct 5Life History and Competition53.4
Ecology 7M / Oct 8Predation and Mutualism54.1
Ecology 8W / Oct 10Community Ecology54.2-54.3
Ecology 9F / Oct 12Ecosystem Ecology55.1-55.3
Ecology 10M / Oct 15Paleoecology and Biogeochemistry55.4
Ecology 11W / Oct 17Human Ecology53.6, 56.1
Ecology 12F / Oct 19Global Environment56.2-56.4
Ecology 13M / Oct 22Ecosystems of California55.5
W / Oct 24Midterm #2, 7-8:15 PM