Biology 1B Spring 2016
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Biology 1B is offered by the Department of Integrative Biology at the University of California, Berkeley.

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Summer Session 2016 Lecture Schedule and Reading Assignments:

The Summer Session 2016 Lecture Schedule is available at this link. This page lists the reading assignments from the recommended text.

Course Syllabus:

The Spring 2016 Syllabus is available at this link. This document has detailed information about the course and addresses the most commonly asked questions about Biology 1B. Please start here!

Lecture Schedule and Reading Assignments:

Lecture begins on Wednesday, January 20 with Evolution (Dr. Michael Nachman), followed by Ecology (Dr. George Roderick) and wraps up with Biodiversity / Plant Biology (Dr. Lewis Feldman). The lecture schedules for each section are available at these links or by clicking the corresponding pictures at the top of the page.

Labs Begin During the Week of January 25:

Be sure to attend your first lab, which begin on Monday, January 25. The lab schedule is available at this link or at the link above.

Warning To Cheaters:

Here is a Warning to Cheaters, a letter that was written by a former Biology 1B student who was caught and disciplined. This student was obligated to share this letter with their peers in part to fulfill the requirement for readmittence.

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