Prospective Students

My laboratory is at the Romberg Tiburon Center (RTC) in Tiburon, and is not at the main SFSU campus. RTC has an active research and intellectual community and graduate students work on a broad array of research projects related to marine and estuarine sciences, including ecology, conservation biology, evoltuionary biology, physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, chemical oceanograpy, and geosciences.

Students wishing to pursue their Master's degree working in my laboratory should apply to the Department of Biology at San Francisco State University (http:/ Students wishing to pursue their Ph.D. degree in my laboratory should apply to the Department of Integrative Biology at the University of California Berkeley ( At Berkeley I can co-sponsor Ph.D. students so prospective students should identify potential co-mentors in their application. I also welcome undergraduate students interested in doing research in my laboratory, either during full-time summer research experiences for which REU financial support is often available, or during the academic year.

At SFSU, students can apply to any of the following programs: Marine Biology, Physiology, Ecology and Conservation Biology. For full descriptions of those programs, please consult the appropriate pages at the Department of Biology website. Note, prospective MS students should apply to the Marine Sciences program through the department of Biology that is based at the Romberg Tiburon Center.

Masters students in my laboratory are expected to complete a thesis consisting of a thorough literature review as well as independent, originial research. My expectation is that the thesis will contain publishable data, and will be written in the form of at least one manuscript that is ready to be submitted to a professional journal for publication. Doctoral students are expected to conceive, design and conduct original research that addresses an important gap in the field of study, and that results in numerous publishable or published manuscripts.

I am open to students working on a wide range of projects as long as the students possess an interest in the topic, and I possess adequate expertise to offer advice. Projects chosen by students in my laboratory are dependent on funding source (see research projects page for information on currently funded projects in my laboratory and lab members page to see what current students are working on), and mutual interest, but ultimately, the students must be passionately interested in their project so that their thesis research is an enjoyable and enriching experience.