Mammalian  diversification:
from population genetics to biogeography
Berkeley, CA, USA - June 22-24, 2001
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General Information

This weekend-long symposium honored Jim Patton's numerous contributions to a broad spectrum of scientific fields, from genetics and evolution to mammalogy and biogeography. Jim will be retiring from his position as Professor of Integrative Biology and Curator of Mammals of the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology at the end of the 2000-2001 academic year. The symposium, sponsored by the MVZ, was held at the Valley Life Sciences Building (VLSB) and Life Sciences Addition (LSA), University of California, Berkeley, where talks and a poster session took place. The theme of the symposium was "Mammalian diversification:  from population genetics to biogeography" and it was a reunion of Jim's students, close associates, and collaborators. A reception co-sponsored by the Department of Integrative Biology was held on the evening of Friday, June 22 at the west atrium in VLSB (1st floor, by the T. rex ). The Banquet took place in the Alumni House, just south of the VLSB on the evening of Saturday, June 23. We are planning to produce an edited volume of the papers presented at the symposium.

Weather in June: "the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco" (Mark Twain). 
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