Current Research Interests of James L. Patton

(1) Phylogeography of Amazonian mammals, using mitochondrial cytochrome-b gene sequences (joint studies with Maria Nazareth F. Da Silva, Jay R. Malcolm, Carlos A. Peres, Claude Gascon, Leonora P. Costa, and Yuri R. Leite)

 a monograph summarizing phylogeographic patterns of non-volant small mammals (selected marsupials and murid and echimyid rodents) was published in 2000 in the Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, vol. 244. The following sets of maps and phylogenetic trees represent figures from that monograph: 

Didelphis: map+tree
Micoureus: map
Micoureus: tree

Oryzomys macconnelli-group:  map
Oryzomys macconnelli-group:  tree
Oryzomys megacephalus-group:  map
Oryzomys megacephalus-group:  tree

Mesomys:  map
Mesomys:  tree
Proechimys brevicauda
Proechimys cuvieri
Proechimys echinothrix
Proechimys gardneri
Proechimys pattoni
Proechimys simonsi
Proechimys goeldii-group:  map
Proechimys goeldii-group:  tree