Rauri Bowie

Rauri Bowie

Rauri Bowie

Associate Professor, Department of Integrative Biology
Curator of Birds, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
University of California at Berkeley

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Martim Melo

Martim Melo

I am interested in the processes generating diversity – from the factors that drive population divergence to speciation. My research focuses on the diversification of the bird fauna of Africa, and in particular of its oceanic and ecological islands. My work uses a combination of ecological, morphological, behavioral and molecular data together with field experiments. The outputs of my research feed directly into my long-standing and active interest in conservation.

Graduate Students Ph.D.


Dana Lin

Zach Hanna
    Luke Bloch     Ting-Ting (Dana) Lin Zachary Hanna

Masters & Honours Students


Past Lab Members


Beata Matysiokova
(Postdoc 2013-2015)

Assistant Professor, Lab of Ornithology, Palacky University, Czech Republic
Guin Wogan
(Postdoc 2012-2015)

Postdoc, UC Berkeley

Sean Rovito
(Postdoc 2011-2014)

Assistant Professor, Laboratorio Nacional de Genómica para la Biodiversidad (LANGEBIO), a unit of CINVESTAV in Irapuato, Mexico

Graeme Oatley
(Postdoc 2012-2013)

Postdoc, University of Otago, New Zealand
Hanneline Smit
(Postdoc 2008-2010)

Conservation Division Manager, Birdlife South Africa

Lauryn Benedict
(Postdoc 2008-2010)

Associate Professor, University of Northern Colorado

Jerome Fuchs
(Postdoc 2007-2009)

Curator of Birds, Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris

Sophie von der Heyden
(Postdoc 2005-2009)

Senior Lecturer, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Ulf Johansson
(Postdoc 2005-2007)

Curator of Birds and Mammals, Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm


Michael Holmes
(PhD 2015)

Assistant Professor, Coastal Carolina University
Owen Davies
(PhD 2015)

Environmental consultant
Andrew Rush
(PhD 2014)

Lecturer, UC Berkeley
Beth Wommack
(PhD 2014)
Curator of Vertebrates, University of Wyoming
A-T. Elaine Vo
(PhD 2014)

Lead Research Scientist, OpenBiome
Potiphar Kailba
(PhD 2014)

Director of the Museum of Malawi
Jay McEntee
(PhD 2013)

Postdoc, University of Florida
Tinashe Muteverie
(PhD 2013)

Lecturer, Midlands State University, Zimbabwe
Tshifhiwa Mandiwana-Neudani
(PhD 2012)

Senior Lecturer, University of Limpopo, South Africa

Graeme Oatley
(PhD 2011)

Postdoc, University of Otago, New Zealand
Angela Ribeiro
(PhD 2011)

Marie Curie Fellow, University of Copenhagen
Prince Kaleme
(PhD 2011)

Mammalogist, Lwiro Research Station, Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Sampath Lokugalappatti
(PhD 2011)

Senior Lecturer, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

Callan Cohen
(PhD 2011)

Director of Birding Africa

Tshifhiwa Nangammbi
(PhD 2010)

Lecturer (= Assistant Professor), University of Venda, South Africa

Marta De Ponte Machado
(PhD 2010)

Private Sector
Knud Jonsson
(PhD 2010)

Marie Curie Fellow, Imperial College, London


CM Muller
(M.Sc. 2010)


Lisa Nupen
(M.Sc. 2007)


Joanna Wu
(Honors 2009)

Zachary Hanna
(Honors 2008)

PhD Candidate, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
University of California, Berkeley

Allison Shultz
(Honours 2007)

PhD Candidate, Harvard University

Marlene Neethling
(Honours 2007)


Josh Penalba
(Lab Technician 2008-2014)

PhD Candidate, Australia National University

Anna Sellas
(Lab Technician 2006-2008)

Laboratory and Collections Manager, California Academy of Sciences

Norah Saarman
(Lab Technician 2007)

PhD Candidate, UC Santa Cruz

Chris Vuong
(Lab Technician 2007)

Undergraduate Candidate, UC Berkeley