Undergraduate Learning Mentor (ULM) Program

The Undergraduate Learning Mentor (ULM) program has been very successful in Biology 1B. It allows undergraduate students who are interested in biology to obtain teaching experience. The ULM is in a unique position. Students have usually just had Biology 1B and have done well in the class. They are familiar with the material and have an understanding of the class from the students' point of view. The ULM is valuable because they can share their experiences in the class and they help the Lab Instructor with the laboratory exercises.

There are mandatory weekly lab prep meetings at 1-4 PM on Friday afternoons. As a ULM, you will receive two units of IB 192 credit for assisting in lab and attending the lab prep meetings. Your grade will be Pass/No Pass. If you are interested, contact your Lab Instructor, who will discuss the position with you. Your Lab Instructor should submit a letter of recommendation on your behalf to Brett Boltz. Students can serve as a ULM for Biology 1B a maximum of two terms. For Summer Session ULM applicants only, you should have either taken Biology 1B the previous spring semester, or have served as a ULM during the previous spring semester. The deadline to submit an application for Spring 2024 will be in early January. Please contact Brett Boltz for an application.

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