Dr. Ellen Simms Biology 1B Spring 2022
 Evolution Schedule

Dr. Ellen Simms
is the instructor for the Evolution section

Office Hours: Monday 9-10 AM PST, Tuesday 2:30-3:30 PM PST (online through Jan. 28), in-person, 2011 VLSB (beginning Jan. 31)

E-mail: esimms@berkeley.edu

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Lecture Topic

Reading Assignment

Campbell, 11th/12th Edit.
Evolution 1W / Jan 19Relevance of EvolutionCh. 1, 22
Evolution 2F / Jan 21What is Evolution?
Evolution 3M / Jan 24Evolution of a theory
Evolution 4W / Jan 26Arguments in On the Origin of Species
Evolution 5F / Jan 28Variation and inheritanceCh. 14
Evolution 6M / Jan 31Evolution in populationsCh. 23
Evolution 7W / Feb 2Other evolutionary processesCh. 23
Evolution 8F / Feb 4Natural selectionCh. 23
Evolution 9M / Feb 7Continuously varying traitsCh. 14
Evolution 10W / Feb 9Species & Speciation ICh. 23
Evolution 11F / Feb 11Species & Speciation IICh. 24
Evolution 12M / Feb 14Phylogenetics ICh. 26
Evolution 13W / Feb 16Phylogenetics IICh. 26
Tu / Feb 22Midterm #1, 7 PM