Population Genetics / Molecular Evolution Journal Club

Spring 2004

When and where
Fridays @ 1 PM, Jan 30 - May 7, 4151 VLSB (Slatkin Lab).

The plan
With a number of Slatkin lab and other journal club members taking quals this semester, we decided to depart from our usual casual format and to adopt a format that would progress through an admittedly limited set of "classic" papers. The first eight weeks attempt to move chronologically through some important papers in the history of population genetics and molecular evolution, mainly focusing on the history of the field's ideas regarding what forces explain most observable genetic variation. We'll take spring break off and then in the remaining seven weeks read classics and reviews regarding a few assorted topics that reflect a portion of the research interests of the students taking their quals.

Web resources
Mark Ridley's text Evolution has some classic papers available online at http://www.blackwellpublishing.com/ridley/classictexts/
MIT has a website called Perspectives on Molecular Evolution at http://hrst.mit.edu/hrs/evolution/public/
Most of the older papers can be found on one of the above websites.  If you have any trouble obtaining pdf files of any of the other papers, please just email us at novembre at socrates berkeley edu and we will be happy to provide assistance.

Reading schedule