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    Dr. Marvalee H. Wake


    B.A. (cum laude), 1961; M.S., 1964; Ph.D., 1968, all University of Southern California

    Career Resumé


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Selected Professional Activities

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Editorial Boards

Major Invited Lectures, etc.

Representative University Service

Teaching Interests

Evolutionary and functional vertebrate morphology; vertebrate reproductive biology; seminars in morphology, development, reproductive biology, and evolutionary theory

Current Research

Studies of evolutionary morphology and development (osteology, myology, neurobiology, reproductive biology, development, function); biology of the gymnophione amphibians; reproductive biology of amphibians, fishes, and reptiles, especially the evolution of viviparity; functional and developmental morphology; “tree of life” of amphibians; phylogenetic reconstruction; patterns of evolution; issues in biodiversity science.
200+ publications

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