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Primate Biology Group

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The PBG is an informal group of people from the departments of ESPM, Integrative Biology, Anthropology, Molecular and Cell Biology, as well as other scientists in the local community who meet every other week during the semester to discuss research ideas, results, and recent publications related to primate biology, ecology, behavior, conservation, taxonomy, evolution, and paleontology.

We meet in room 5053 in the Valley Life Science Building from 4-5pm most Tuesdays. If you are interested in joining our group, please feel free to come to any of these presentations. Contact Professor Milton for further information on this year's schedule or to be added to the email list.

For graduate students and advanced undergraduates at UC Berkeley, this course is being taught as ESPM 290 (1 unit), Instructor K. Milton for the fall semester 2013 (please email Prof. Milton for enrollment information). All interested graduate and undergraduate students are welcome. Anyone interested in giving a presentation this semester should also contact Prof. Milton.

Schedule of speakers, Fall 2013:

Sep 3: Organizational meeting

Sep 10: Prof. K. Milton, ESPM, UC Berkeley, Title: The Comparative Dietary Ecology of Amazonian Forest-Dwellers.

Sep 17: Prof. K. Milton, ESPM, UC Berkeley, Title: The Comparative Dietary Ecology of Amazonian Forest-Dwellers. PART 2

Sep 24: Dr. Yonatan Sahle, Postdoctoral researcher, Human Evolution Research Center, UC Berkeley. Title: Technological Behavior during the later Middle Pleistocene: Perspectives from the Ethiopian Rift

Oct 1: Amy Porter, PhD Candidate, Dept Anthropology, UC Davis. Title: A Saki Saga: Dynamic And Disruptive Relationships Among Pithecia aequatorialis Pair-Mates In Eastern Ecuador LOCATION CHANGE: THIS LECTURE WILL BE HELD IN 160 KROEBER HALL

Oct 8: TBA

Oct 15:Sharon Smith, Campaign Manager, Tropical Forests & Climate Initiative, Union of Concerned Scientists Title: Peat, Carbon & the Last Stand of the Orangutan: Palm Oil in Indonesia

Oct 22: TBA

Oct 29: TBA

Nov 5: Alternative seminar, Archaeological Research Facility: Pat Kirch, Class of 1954 Professor of Anthropology & Integrative Biology, UCB. Title: Island Landscapes, Or Sauer Among the Polynesians: Sauer Lecture Series

Nov 12: Prof. Junko Habo, Department Anthropology, UC Berkeley. Title: Archaeology, Food Diversity and Long-Term Sustainability of Human Societies

Nov 19: Dr. Sam Diaz-Munoz, Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Plant & Microbial Biology & Department of Integrative Biology, UCB. Title: Sexual roles, cooperation, and conflict in tamarin monkeys.

Nov 26: Dr. Tanya Smith, Associate Professor, Dept of Human Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University. Title: Biological Rhythms in Teeth Provide Insight into Our Evolutionary Past

Dec 3: Francisco Pontual, doctoral candidate ESPM, UC Berkeley. Title: Ayres Uakari and Socio-environmental Conservation in Amazonia: Wildlife and Traditional Peoples Threatened by Official Policies in the Rio Negro basin, Brazil.

Useful Primate Research Links:


Global Biodiversity Information Facility (a resource for finding skeletal collections in various museums around the world)

The Biological Collection Access Service for Europe (a resource for finding skeletal collections in the EU)