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Research Group Members

Knud Jønsson

PhD Student (University of Copenhagen)

Email: kajonsson [at]

Thesis title:
Determining biogeographic patterns of dispersal and diversification in the "Crown Corvida" in Australia and south east Asia.

Co-supervised with: Prof Jon Fjeldså (University of Copenhagen) and Dr Les Christidis (Australian Museum)


Field of Interest

Passerine birds constitute the largest avian order comprising nearly 6000 species. Due to the enormous diversity combined with great morphological plasticity the classification and taxonomy of the group has been rather controversial. The objective of the proposed project is to conduct a detailed phylogenetic investigation of "Crown Corvida". In the first place the aim is to construct a phylogeny for "Crown Corvida" and secondly to evaluate when and how the group dispersed out of Australia across Wallacea.

The phylogenetic work will make it possible to:

        (1) improve resolution within clades;
        (2) place odd taxa; and
        (3) improve knowledge about oscine relationships within genera and families.

Furthermore, the phylogenetic work will form the basis for estimating divergence times and putative ancestral patterns within "Crown Corvida". This will be compared with detailed accounts of tectonic movements in the Indo-Pacific region and provide information about oscine dispersal patterns. 




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