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Professor at Department of Integrative Biology (Began as Associate Professor 1990)

Curator at Museum of Paleontology (Began as Associate Curator 1990)

Research Paleontologist at Museum of Vertebrate Zoology (1990-Present)

Assistant Dean of UndergraduateServices at University of California, Berkeley (1993-94)

Fellow, California Academy of Sciences (1992-Present)


Leverhulme Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Geology, Trinity College, Dublin (Ireland) (1983-84)

Assistant then Associate Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology at The Carnegie Museum of Natural History (1984-1990 )

Adjunct Assistant Professor at Department of Geology and Planetary Sciences at University of Pittsburgh (1987-1990)

Professor of Earth Sciences, Professor of Biology, Director of MSU Mountain Research Center at Montana State University (1994 - 1998)


Anthony D. Barnosky

Recent Awards

National Science Foundation, National Science Foundation, Sedimentary Geology and Paleontology. Collaborative Research: Response of Mammalian Survivors to the Late Pleistocene Extinction Event. (2007-2010)

National Science Foundation, Using Paleospecies-Area Curves to Predict Biodiversity Changes in Mammals: Linkage of Macroecology and Paleontology (2006-2010). Ecological Biology Cluster.

Fulbright Senior Specialist Fellowship (2007)

Chancellor's 'Everyday Hero” Citation for contribution to undergraduate education (2005-2006)

National Science Foundation. Completion of GIS Analyses to Assess Biotic Effects of Environmental Perturbations on Neogene Mammals. (2003-2005). Geology and Paleontology Program.

National Science Foundation. A GIS Analysis to Assess the Effect of Large-Scale Perturbations in the Physical Environment on the Evolution of Neogene Mammal Faunas in the Western United States. (2000-2003). Geology and Paleontology Program.

“Protector of Yellowstone National Park" Award for accomplishments in promoting and conducting quality scientific investigations to benefit the future of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (1998)

Prior to 1998 awards were obtained from the National Science Foundation, National Academy of Sciences, and National Geographic Society.