Integrative Biology 200A

The Student Symposium, featuring your projects, will be held Wednesday, May 14 from 3 to 8 pm. Do not miss it, or else.

Quiz 2 approaches: May 8th!!

The IEDG 2008: Integrating Evolution, Development, & Genomics Symposium will be held at UC Berkeley onMay 28-30. IEDG 2008 is a student-run conference that focuses on the integration and intersection of evo-devo research, genomics, and a broad spectrum of complementary studies. The meeting features several non-concurrent symposia where our invited speakers will discuss topics such as developmental biology, plant biology, paleontology, population genetics, genomics, and comparative morphology. Registration will be limited to the first 250 people, so sign up now to reserve your spot.

If you appetite was whetted by the lecture on Morphometrics, the Geometric Morphometrics Shortcourse will be taking place on June 23-27th. Please email Katie Brakora ( or Jenny McGuire ( ) if you plan to attend.
Geometric Morphometrics is a powerful multivariate method for quantifying differences in shape and is a vital tool for ecomorphology, ontogeny, development, canalization, modularity, morphological integration, and/or systematics.
The course will be taught by two of the world's experts, Drs. Miriam Zelditch and Donald Swiderski from the University of Michigan, teaching this workshop. You will get the opportunity to do hands-on work with your own (or someone else's) data. The course consists of a presentation in the morning and lab practical applications in the afternoons.
The shortcourse will be held in VLSB and will be free for U.C.-Berkeley students.

GSI office hours will now be held Thursdays, from 3:30 to 4:30 pm, in the IB computer lab (occasionally in the Library's Mac Computer lab if we are already there and the schedule permits.) Bring your questions, problems, and bugs!

Heads up: lab on Tuesday, March 4th will be devoted to working with your data -- so please come prepared with a matrix to work on.
Thanks to everyone who turned in alignments for your final projects. Feedback will be coming soon...

Here's a link to the Alignment Assignment.

A preliminary alingment using sequences from your project taxa downloaded from GenBank is due in class on February 28. This handout has step-by-step instructions on how to download and align sequence data.

Please check to make sure you've handed in three lab assignments so far:
Lab 1: Caminicules matrix and explanation of characters
Lab 2: Outfile and outtree using Caminicules data and 'pars' program, plus outfile using Azolla data and 'consense' program.
Final Project: List of possible taxa and morphological characters

Assignments from Lab 1 (Intro to MacClade and Mesquite) are due on Tuesday, Feb 5 which includes a print-out of your matrix and a brief explanation of your ten characters. Please name your matrix after you and your lab partner (ie, steph_nobody.nex) and email a copy of your matrix to

Final Project topics are due Thursday, February 7 in discussion after lecture.
Please be ready with a list of 6-12 OTUs you'd like to work on, and 5 morphological characters you'd like to explore. Be ready to discuss sources of molecular data (try searching for your taxa on GenBank) and morphological specimens (try exploring some of the Berkeley Natural History Museum databases.)

Post questions on the discussion forum in bspace!

IB 200A will meet in room 3083 Valley Life Sciences Building, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30 to 3:30 pm.

Class started meeting on Tuesday, January 22 at 12:30pm.

Background image adapted from a phylogeny of all organisms with complete genome sequences.

Last update 1 May 2008
by Stephanie Stuart