Integrative Biology 200A

Local Links
- Bay Area Biosystematists
- UC Berkeley Bioscience Library

General Links
- Society of Systematic Biologists
- Phylogeny Programs
- Society of Systematic Biologists
- The tree of life project
- The World Biodiversity Database
- The INBIO project in Costa Rica
- Tree Base Search: a database of published phylogenies
- Th UK's Natural History Museum
- The California Academy of Sciences research page

- Life Mapper: create distribution maps and predict species ranges
- DesktopGarp, software for predicting and analyzing wild species distributions

- NSF-sponsored library of digital morphology
- SUNY Stonybrook Morphometrics Page

- Animal Diversity Web

- Tree of the mammals of the world, with info.
- MaNIS: A one-stop site for searching multiple museums' mammal collections.
- Primate Info Net
- IPBIR: Integrated Primate Biomaterials and Information Resource

- USGS's Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter
- Cornell's All About Birds
- Database of bird sounds from Cornell University's Macaulay Library of Natural Sounds

- Don't get bit
- The Reptile Database
- Amphibia Web

- Systematics and Monography of Spiders
- A visual key to North American bees and mites
- The Global Lepidoptera Names Index
- Moths and Butterflies of Europe and North Africa
- Butterflies and Moths of Northern Ireland
- World Spider Catalog
- Interactive spider identification keys

- Checklist of Fern Species: A list of fern species with distribution info, etc.
- International Plant Names Index, with publication info for all plant names
- Missouri Botanical Garden's Research Website
- The Australian National Herbarium's Pteridophyte Project
- Multi-botanical garden searchhosted by the Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh
- How to ID important features of flowering plants
- The Angiosperm Phylogeny Website
- World Wide Flowering Plant Identification Key

- Deep Hyphae: the mycelium of life
- Bruns Lab

Comparative Ecology and Evolution
- Phylocom: community phylogenetic structure
- Phylomatic: subset a phylogeny
- EcoPhyl: community phylogenetic analyses using matrix methods