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Handout materials for lecture topic on the transition from reptiles to mammals, including reference list, mammalian ordinal classifications following Simpson (1945) and McKenna and Bell (1997), and  illustrations of transitional steps.

Figure - Phylogeny of amniotes and cladogram of synapsids (mammal-like reptiles and mammals)

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Ordinal Classification of Mammals (from Simpson, 1945)


Subclass Prototheria

          1.Order Monotremata - platypus, echidna (M Cret - Recent)
Subclass Allotheria
          2. Order Multituberculata* (U Jur - Eoc) incertae sedis
          3. Order Triconodonta* (U Tri - L Cret) 
          4. Order Docodonta* (U Tri? - U Jur)
Subclass Theria 
    Infraclass Pantotheria
          5. Order Symmetrodonta* (U Tri - L Cret) 
          6. Order Pantotheria (=Eupantotheria)* (U Jur - L Cret)
    Infraclass Metatheria 
          7. Order Marsupialia - marsupials (U Cret - Recent)
    Infraclass Eutheria 
      Cohort Unguiculata 
          8.Order Insectivora - shrews, moles, etc. (U Cret - Recent) 
          9. Order Dermoptera - colugos (Paleo - Recent) 
          10. Order Chiroptera - bats (Eoc - Recent) 
          11.Order Primates - lemurs, tarsiers, monkeys (Paleo - Recent) 
          12. Order Tillodontia* - (Paleo - Eoc) 
          13. Order Taeniodonta* - (Paleo - Eoc) 
          14.Order Edendata (=Xenarthra) - sloths, anteaters, armadillos (Paleo - Recent) 
          15. Order Pholidota - pantolin (Pleisto - Recent)
      Cohort Glires 
          16. Order Rodentia - rodents (Paleo - Recent) 
          17.Order Lagomorpha - pikas, rabbits, hares (Eoc - Recent)
      Cohort Mutica 
          18. Order Cetacea - whales, porpoises (Eoc - Recent)
      Cohort Ferungulata 
        Superorder Ferae 
          19.Order Carnivora - dogs, cats, hyaenas, etc. (Paleo - Recent) 
          20.Order Pinnipedia - seals, sealions, etc. (Mio - Recent)
        Superorder Protoungulata 
          21. Order Condylarthra* - (Paleo - Eoc) 
          22. Order Litopterna* - (Paleo - Pleisto) 
          23. Order Notoungulata* - (Paleo - Pleisto) 
          24. Order Astrapotheria* - (Eoc - Mio) 
          25. Order Tubulidentata - aardvark (Eoc? - Recent)
        Superorder Paenungulata 
          26. Order Pantodonta* - (Paleo - Oligo) 
          27. Order Dinocerata* - (Paleo - Eoc) 
          28. Order Xenungulata* - (Paleo) 
          29. Order Pyrotheria* - (Eoc - Oligo) 
          30. Order Proboscidea - elephants (Eoc - Recent) 
          31. Order Embrithopoda* - (Oligo) 
          32.Order Hyracoidea - hyraxes or conies (Oligo - Recent) 
          33. Order Desmostyliformes* - (Mio - Plio) 
          34. Order Sirenia - sea cows, dugongs (Eoc - Recent)
        Superorder Mesaxonia 
          35.Order Perissodactyla - horses, tapirs, rhinos (Eoc - Recent)
        Superorder Paraxonia 
          36.Order Artiodactyla - pigs, hippos, camels, deer, antelopes, cows, goats, etc. (Eoc - Recent)
* = extinct 

Ordinal Classification of Mammals (from McKenna and Bell, 1997)
[equivalents to Simpson's Orders are in all caps]


Class Mammalia 

    Subclass PROTOTHERIA 
      Order Platypoda 
      Order Tachyglossa
    Subclass Theriiformes 
      Infraclass Allotheria 
      Infraclass TRICONODONTA 
      Infraclass Holotheria 
        Superlegion Kuehneotheria 
        Superlegion Trechnotheria 
           Legion SYMMETRODONTA 
           Legion Cladotheria 
        Supercohort Theria 
          Cohort MARSUPIALIA 
            Magnaorder Australidelphia 
            Magnaorder Ameridelphia
          Cohort Placentalia 
            Magnorder XENARTHRA (=EDENTATA) 
              Order Cingulata 
              Order Pilosa 
            Magnorder Epitheria 
               Grandorder Anagalida 
              Mirorder Macroscelidea
              Mirorder Duplicidentata 
                Order LAGOMORPHA
              Mirorder Simplicidentata 
                Order RODENTIA 
               Grandorder Ferae 
              Order Cimolesta 
                Suborder PHOLIDOTA 
              Order CARNIVORA 
                Suborder Feliformia 
                Suborder Caniformia 
               Grandorder Lipotyphla 
              Order Chrysochloridea 
              Order Erinaceomorpha 
              Order Soricomorpha 
               Grandorder Archonta 
              Order CHIROPTERA 
              Order PRIMATES 
                Suborder DERMOPTERA 
                Suborder Euprimates 
              Order Scandentia 
               Grandorder Ungulata 
              Order TUBULIDENTATA 
              Order Cete (includes CETACEA) 
              Order ARTIODACTYLA 
              Order PERISSODACTYLA 
              Order Uranotheria 
                Suborder HYRACOIDEA 
                Suborder Tethytheria 
                  Infraorder SIRENIA 
                  Infraorder Behemota (includes PROBOSCIDEA) 

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