30 Aug: Foundations

Read Darwin (Darwin, C. 1964. On the origin of species. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Chapters 3,4, 14.)

6 Sept: Genetics and Evolution

Antonovics, J. 1968. Evolution in closely adjacent plant populations. V. Evolution of self-fertility. Heredity 23: 219-238.
Grant, B. R., and P.R. Grant. 1993. Evolution of Darwin finches caused by a rare climatic event. Proc. R. Soc. London 251:111-117.

13 Sept: Mendelian Genetics and Natural Selection, Adaptation, etc.

Van Buskirk, J., S. A. McCollum, E. E. Werner. 1997. Natural selection for environmentally induced phenotypes in tadpoles. Evolution 51: 1983-1992.
Kimura, M. 1989. The neutral theory of molecular evolution and the worldview of the neutralists. Genome 31: 24-31.

20 Sept: Adaptation

Gould, S. J., and R. C. Lewontin. 1978. The spandrels of San Marco and the Panglossian paradigm: A critique of the adaptationist programme. Proc. R. Soc. London 205: 581-598.
Pigliucci, M., and J. Kaplan. 2000. The fall and rise of Dr. Pangloss: Adaptationism and the Spandrels Paper 20 years later. TREE 15: 66-70.

27 Sept: Debate #1

Cloning Humans
Here are some papers to help get you started. Because we are experiencing trouble with the transfer of PDFs, I suggest you download these from GLADIS until this message is removed.
Etkin, L. D. 2002. The debate about human cloning. Differentiation 69: 145-146.
Di Berardino, M. A. 2002. Ban human cloning. Differentiation 69: 147-149.
McKinnell, R. G. 2002. Cloning of Homo sapiens? No! Differentiation 69: 150-153.
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Powledge, T. M. 2002. Will they throw the bath water out with the baby? EMBO reports 3: 209-211.

4 Oct: Quantitative Genetics or Life Histories

Steppan, S. J., P. C. Phillips, and D. Houle. 2002. Comparative quantitative genetics: Evolution of the G. matrix. TREE 17: 320-327.
Travis, J. 1994. Ecological genetics of life-history traits: variation and its evolutionary significance. In: L. A. Real (ed.) Ecological Genetics. Pg. 171-204.

11 Oct: NO Lecture or Lab

Work on Term Papers (TAs available for consultation)

18 Oct: Term paper outline due in discussion

25 Oct: Species and Speciation

Mishler, B. D. 1999. Getting rid of species? In: R. A. Wilson (ed.) Species: New Interdisciplinary Essays. MIT press, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Pages 307-315.
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1 Nov: Phylogenetics

Avise, J. C., J. Arnold, R. M. Ball, E. Bermingham, T. Lamb, J. E. Neigel, C.A. Reeb, and N.C. Saunders. 1987. Intraspecific phylogeography - The mitochondrial-DNA bridge between population genetics and systematics. Ann. Rev. Ecol. Syst. 18: 489-522.
Maddison, W. P. 1997. Gene trees in species trees. Systematic Biology 46: 523-536.

8 Nov: Phylogenetic Methodology

Kluge A. G. 1997. Testability and the refutation and corroboration of cladistic hypotheses. Cladistics 13: 81-96.
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15 Nov: Conservation and Evolution

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22 Nov: Development and Evolution

Jacob, F. 1977. Evolution and Tinkering. Science 196: 1161-1166.
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