There is no required textbook. The required reader is on sale at Replica Copy on Oxford St. The readings are research papers and reviews from the primary literature, and will form the starting point for each lecture. You should read each lecture's paper before coming to class. In addition, we have placed a number of addition resources on 2-hr. reserve in the Biosciences library:

Barbour, et al. - Terrestrial Plant Ecology - QK901.B345 (an excellent plant ecology reference)
Begon, Harper and Townsend - Ecology - QH541.B415 (an encyclopedic general ecology text)
Begon, Mortimer and Thompson - Population Ecology - QH352.B43 (more detail on populations)
Real and Brown - Foundations of Ecology - QH541.145.F68 (a collection of classic ecology papers)

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