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IB 153L Syllabus for Fall 2003

Statistical Tables - see Links page

Lecture Handouts:
August 27: General Sampling Design - notes, references, and a web-based random number generator
Sept. 3: Descriptive statistics, simple statistics
Sept. 8: Learning to use Excel for data entry and analysis - Excel Tips,
Sept. 10: Sampling Design Field Trip
Sept. 15: Sampling Design Data Analysis; Lab write-ups and scientific writing
Sept. 17: Spatial patterns
Sept. 22: Sampling Spatial Patterns
Sept. 24: Spatial Pattern Analysi
Sept. 29: Estimating the Abundance of mobile organisms
Oct. 1: Mark-Recapture Lab 1
Oct. 6: Mark-Recapture lab in Tilden; Capture Day 2
Oct. 8: Mark-Recapture analysis
Oct. 13: Sousa 1993 (4.7 MB) Ecological Monographs
Oct. 15: Species Diversity Analyses
Oct. 20: class cancelled
Oct. 22: Interspecific Associations
Oct. 27: Interspecific Associations lab in Tilden
Oct. 29: Interspecific Associations analysis
Nov. 3: Habitat Choice
Nov. 5: Squirrel diet choice lab; methods paper instructions
Nov. 10: Resource preference lab analysis

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